Newborn Session Tips

Newborn Session Tips

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Congratulations – you’re expecting! We are so excited to help celebrate this amazing season of life with you.


We would classify ourselves as lifestyle newborn photographers. Simply, this means that we love to photograph your little one in natural, beautiful ways. We’re not overly “posed” with babies (google Anne Geddes to know what we mean!) but instead seek to capture your babe is natural positions and places. We also want to capture YOU enjoying your new little one, afterall – you’re new parents! Take a few moments to pamper yourself in the morning (maybe have Grandma over to help with baby) and throw on something light and comfty.


Here are a few of my favorite tips that will help your newborn session run smoothly:

Newborns are best photographed when they are snoozing. Newborn eye muscles are still gaining strenth so they often end up crossed (though not all the time, many babies are quite cute wide awake!). This is why we try to meet your new addition for their photo session between 7-10 days old, before they begin to gain weight and lose their newborn sleepiness.

Don’t worry if your newborn takes time to fall asleep during your session. It ‘s expected and means more snuggle time for you both. This is why your session may last between 1-3 hours.

We also ask that you crank your heat way up (around 80 will be just perfect) before we arrive to help your bundle of joy stay asleep. We will all be sweating but baby will be fast asleep. We will bring a space heater to help make it nice and toasty.


Your session will take place in the place that’s most convenient for you – your home! But please don’t clean your whole house for us. Most photographs will focus completely in on your bundle of joy. A room with lots of morning sunlight is best. Gather any special blankets, headbands or other family heirlooms if you would like us to photograph them with baby as well. Also, realize somebody or something will inevitably get wet (usually me!) as we photograph your babe in their birthday suit. Loosen their diaper, have baby undressed and wrapped warm in a blanket before we arrive.


Try to keep baby awake for awhile before we arrive. A great way to do this is giving him or her a bath. This can help your babe excercise their lungs a bit and also makes for sweet fluffy hair. Also, if possible try to coordinate so that you can feed baby right when we arrive. This gives us some time to set up and baby will be perfectly content with a full belly and will sleep soundly.

Lastly, enjoy. These first moments as parents only happen once – thank you for allowing us to tell the story of your growing family.